Thursday, November 1, 2007


Condi will be in Istanbul tomarrow for "Neighboring Countries of Iraq" meeting. US announced they are providing Turkey with high standard intelligence by U-2 spy aircrafts before her arrival.

An interesting point about the meeting is; Iraq President Talabani will not be present but PM Maliki and Foreign Minister Zebari represent Iraq. Meeting, bringing together Iraq's neighbours with major international powers and institutions, is aimed supporting the country's security and stability.

PM Erdogan will fly to USA the day after tomarrow. For the first time Generals will take place in his team of delegation. For now, any action seems to locked on the meeting with Bush administration at 5th of October.

Yesterday's long Cabinet meeting ended by possible sanction announcements.Though no specific information is given, Minister Cicek said Turkey would be careful in its application of the economic measures to avoid causing the innocent to suffer.

First sign is about the Habur Border Gate; slowing down the traffic and using the Nusaybin and Akçakale Border Gates more active. Only this may cut Barzani's one of primary incomes from border transits. There is more than 2.5 billion dollar tranportation from Habur and Barzani's income is estimated around 400 million USD..

An interesting news which I couldnt find any where else is at an internet news web. It is about 63 tribal leaders from Musul Province of Iraq want to be connected to Turkey. According to the news they come together after the first Gulf War and choosen Swiss lawman J. Anton Keller as representative for UN. Ex Dohuk Governor and Saddam period Agriculture Minister, writer Muhammed Sıddık Mahmut, Mama Seny Tribe leader Muşir Hadi Ahmet who holds important shares of Kerkuk oils and lives as a refugee in Holland and Nedim Surçi from Surçi Tribe who holds the Mousul Province land registration reports and lives in Northern Iraq and some other important tribe leaders are counted between them by Mr Keller. These kind of stories certainly fuels the fear of false Turkish invasion claims.

On the other hand; army operation at the south-eastern parts of the country is going on. Some 250 terrorists are cornered at a region and their passage way to Northern Iraq cut by the army forces. It is reported that they are landmined the land around them to gain time. The worst part is radio communications recorded between them and the terrorist leaders safe in Northern Iraq; "Stay where you are, dont leave your place... Try to make best attacs you can... Execute who ever try to run away..."

Yesterday there were attacs to Kurds in southern part of the country, today I read about the Kurdish attacs to Turk shops in Koln, Germany. Social psychology is heading to chaos like a rising tsunami by the effords of Turkish nationalists and PKK.

It is early morning yet. Who knows what may happen till night...

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