Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Justice Minister Mehmet Ali Şahin said he was not pleased about the way the release of the eight soldiers, in a statement he made yesterday; "None of the members of the Turkish Armed Forces [TSK] should have ever been in this situation. For that reason, I was not too happy about them being released.”

There have also been reports as the whole situation is a set-up long before the soldiers' release, from the very beginning. The 21 October attack by PKK terrorists left 13 soldiers dead, 20 wounded and 8 kidnapped.

According to media reports at least 1-2 of the soldiers were in connection with PKK and had part in the set-up. Their video sent to Youtube by the terrorist organisation and the way they are saying farewell to terrorists raised great anger between the public but the main suspicion bases on the "defenceless" announcement from 2 sources at the time of the ambush. This raises the question if there was intelligence given to PKK from inside.

Turkish General Staff’s military prosecutor questioned the eight soldiers yesterday and they are still under interrogation. It is natural for the military prosecutor start a probe. The probe started in consideration of the possibility that they were not abducted, but rather willingly walked away with the terrorists after the clash, leaving their dead and wounded friends.

PKK terrorists call for "surrender" several times reveals their aim was taking as much as hostages rather than execution. The clash which caught some of the soldiers at sleep lasted for hours.

Wounded soldiers are giving some details about the event. One of them is about the Expert Sergeant Sadık Atılmış who get wounded from his leg with the first rocket of the terrorists. A terrorist leaking into position lines call him to "surrender" with his leg broken into pieces. He replied the terrorist; "When did you see a Turkish soldier to surrender, you dishonorable!"....

Terrorist puts a bullet to his head and walk to others. Hours later helicopters took him with other wounded and he had surgeries at Military Hospital. He is still surviving, fighting against death too, though lost a leg and in coma at neurology unit. His wounded soldiers waiting their lieutenant's good news at the same hospital.

There are also reports about communication failures during the ambush. This technique is possible only via satellite. Another suspicious point is the presence of an US Apache helicopter at the border area the day before. Americans explains this as a routine investigation flight but it is unbelievable. If it was; why they didn't inform the PKK activities to their Turkish allies; or were they there to give coordinates and information to their PKK puppets as well as using their satellites?..

There are much more questions, much more suspicions...

Saw the results of Bush - Erdogan meeting?

Paid attention to the timing of all the events including the release of soldiers? To whom they were delivered? How close was the northern Iraqi officials and Turkish Kurd deputies with the terrorists? Who called the 3 deputies there and why (one of the female deputy's husband said to be a PKK member at the terrorist bases)?

Cant all this be another American tactic using his Guam trained creatures and hidden contracts with PKK?

Why some Kurdish sources begin to voice "War with Iran is essential after now"?

Why they still try too hard to confuse the Kurdish problem with PKK terrorism?

I cant say "wake up" to any side, it is already too late to wake up... Some are already way ahead making us all to play on their palm...

Cant put all the interconnected information together in this little space. Only wish is all these conspires may get public before it is too late...

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