Sunday, November 25, 2007


You should read about the young girl they decide to punish because she had been raped in Saudi Arabia.

BBC gave the news as; "According to the Arab News newspaper, the 19-year-old woman was gang-raped 14 times in an attack in Qatif in the eastern province a year-and-a-half ago. Seven men were found guilty of the rape and sentenced to prison terms ranging from just under a year to five years. The victim and attackers are from Saudi Arabia's Shia minority."

Your eyes are not decieving you, news is going on as; "The justice ministry said in a statement that the sentence was justified because the woman was in a car with an unrelated man. ...

The 19-year-old, who has not been named, was travelling in a car with a male friend last year, when the car was attacked by a gang of seven men who raped both of them."

Please give attention; the MALE friend also raped.

"She has become known as the "Qatif girl", a reference to the largely Shia town which she comes from. Four of the men were convicted of kidnapping - but the court also sentenced the woman and her friend to receive 90 lashes each for the crime of "illegal mingling"."

Understand? The girl is nameless and the crime is only "illegal mingling".

It goes on; "Last week the court increased the woman's sentence to 200 lashes and six months in prison. It also banned her lawyer from the courtroom and took away his licence. The Saudi justice ministry has defended the verdict and warned against "agitation through the media" - a sign of how sensitive the authorities are to the fact that the woman and her lawyer have sought to use the media to highlight the case..."

This country of shame holds all the power in the hands of Suud family. Their King Abdullah visited Turkey last week. All the newspapers made fun of him, printing his photo in front of his own photo and making its analyses. They gave his photo together with the most known, egoistic, manic comedy character of Turkish TVs -his painting as Mona Lisa behind him-.It is sure a psychologic problem which needs attention for poor man but it dont interest us.

What we are interested here is the young girl who is about to be punished because she is raped. If it is the matter of "being raped" why do you think they dont punish the young man with her, who also raped. Can it be because they used to, like to rape males, especially young ones? My goal is not insulting any country or people. It is a well known but prefered not to be spoken social fact in Gulf countries, especially Saudies.

Never ever pass any little news story only thinking "how disgusting" etc. There is always at least one big story behind all little stories.

I am not in the mood to talk on what/ how many what lies behind this rape story now but I will write more, wont forget;

- How Saudi Arabia is exploiting religion for a dynasty's benefits
- How they exploiting women and children
- How they keep their people ignorant and poor while sharing all that richness from oil between the princes
- How they serve US and Israel

So many hows but for now lets just think about this young girl and male friend..

Daughter, young woman, Qatif girl;

I have written about "rape" so many times. I wrote articles, poems. I participated conferances, talked many times. I knew women raped during wars are punished by their families, societies because of honor and many unlogical reasons but I never thought on such events as yours.

I want to, need to apologize from you because I wrote poems begining like;

"have you ever been raped?
not like every relation woman said “no”
is considered to be rape.
in the torture dungeons all around the world
like women are used as guns
while in the midst of wars...

But at least I ended knowing the strength in all women;

have you ever been raped?
you can feel within your brain
in the kind that would never be scratched from your soul
those women in torture dungeons are smart
they do know the goals of loathsome
are aware that he who wastes her body cannot reach her soul
rather than giving what he wants, rather than beeing unfastened
rather than letting bugs reach their goals
she shuts her soul and throws her body in the middle
woman’s body is strong beyond her soul
woman’s soul is strong beyond her consciousness
woman can be broken, divided into a thousand pieces, she would not shatter
woman gets bend, smashed, she would not collapse
such an amber a woman carries within in depth
though made worse than dead meaning would not be known…


Excuse me baby, excuse me!...

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