Monday, November 19, 2007


It is not only the scenes from the border area, in border operations worsening but also the political arena is in a deepening mess too. Clouds on us are getting darker and darker.

Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) is faced with possible closure. The Supreme Court's Chief Prosecutor asked the court to shut down the party for its alleged links to PKK.

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) repeatedly accused the DTP of being the PKK's extension in Parliament is very pleased. They also want to strip the DTP's deputies of their immunity.

PM Erdoğan says it may mean to tell them "go to mountains" but some insists there cannot be semi-application of the supremacy of law or equality in a country that claims to be democratic.

While the DTP is complaining of a “lynching campaign” against itself, it is indeed really hard to reconcile what's expected from a member of Turkish Parliament with the images of the DTP deputies in northern Iraq when the eight soldiers were released by PKK or calls for “democratic autonomy”.

What the high court will say, we cannot have an idea for the time being but they said that they have a “plan B” ready. They mean; before a closure decision by the high court DTP may dissolve itself and its members will forge a new party.

Prime Minister Erdoğan earlier said that rather than forcing the DTP to go to the “mountains” and joining PKK, the Kurdish deputies must remain in Parliament and engage in political activity. Last night he announced; "At this point, our security forces are carrying on an operation with full sensitivity inside our own country's borders. We are not dealing right now with an over the border operation. Our central stance in all these operations is first and foremost aimed at having them leave off their weapons."

"Aiming at having them leave off their weapons" is a very important statement in the mean time. We can guess what the operation will bring; "The operation that took place in 1995 (named “Steel”) lasted 45 days. Some 555 PKK militants and 185 soldiers lost their lives. The 1997 operation (called “Hammer”) lasted 65 days, and 2,730 PKK militants and 114 soldiers died."

We don't know how many already died or dying any minute in-border operations. It seems like both PKK and the DTP deputies in the Parliament are tying for the closure to raise the sympathy they lost. They act like the provocation tool of PKK. It is clear that the orders are coming from Imralı and mountains. It is a shared suspicion whether they want the over border operation and pull Turkey inside Middle- East problem (and make it evidence of Turkish brutality and expansionist intentions).

If they are pro-democracy don't they see they are needed in the Parliament and the political arena (or dont want to see?). We are not at 90s, not at the the unidentified deaths period of PM Çiller or their predecessor DEP giving oath in Kurdish at the Parliament. Even PM Erdogan (though we dont like and criticize him many ways) says; “It is better to let them talk than forcing them to join the militants in the mountains.”

DTP s not DEP but Leyla Zana is still talking in meetings calling Apo as "people's leader". They suddenly elected somebody who spent 9 of his 35 years in prison as a member of PKK as the chairman of the party in place of years old Kurdish politician Ahmet Turk.

Papers writes 82 percent of the population backs an over border operation according to polls. Any estimation about deaths in a cross-border operation? No word. This mass madness is hopeless. Where is long lost wisdom we had, lets find it back all together.

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