Wednesday, November 14, 2007


12 martyred and 16 wounded soldiers by PKK 3 weeks ago have almost been forgotten (others are falling everyday as 4 more buried today). We don't exactly know how they lost their lives.

News about the 8 kidnapped and arrested upon their return banned. Papers says investigation is focused on whether their surrender put the lives of the rest in danger or led to an increase in the number of casualties. According to military rules this is one of the most serious crimes that a soldier can commit.

From the first hours of the event, we know that there were nearly 70 soldiers in the clash. News about the 8 is not possible but one wonders what about the rest or at least the wounded. It is not possible for any real journalist not to search for their experiences, testimonies. The ban on the media should be wider than we know.

There is also a wide spread misinformation. Commander of the Turkish Air Force, today said that reports targets near the northern Iraqi city of Zaho had been struck yesterday were groundless. No Turkish planes entered Iraq airspace or took part in any operations yet.

It is better not to believe any news as long as they are approved by officials or proved by photos, witnesses etc. First official announcement came from Foreign Minister late afternoon. He said, the immediate intelligence flow promised by US begin today. Massing troops to border line and Turkish bases in Iraq is going on.

There was an interesting and important photo in the news from the area today. Traditionally we use henna in 3 events; put henna to lamb meaning to sacrifice God, put henna before marriage meaning bring prosperity and sacrifice to family and henna the son sending military to sacrifice for motherland. They send to their units with ceremonies, drums and pipes, folk dances and songs, national marches. In a way, all these show the inner acceptance of the possibility they may not come back alive.

Hope these boys waving hands with henna on their palms will turn back alive and not being compelled to kill anyone.

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