Saturday, November 17, 2007


I was in the middle of writing on the late developments but friends called. Better to go and learn latest rumors. Before leaving the computer; I remembered there will be Leonid meteor shower tonight and it remind me an old poem...

Rain Of Light

there is meteor rain tonight
appetizers are being prepared, everyone is in excitement
we sent Ahmet to buy fishes
we did not, of course, forget mussels and shrimps
tables will be laid in the garden in a while
charcoal is ready, Ercan will light the barbecue
with long and thin glasses we will clink our Tekirdağ rakis
we will dissolve it into scents of jasmines, into the nihavent music
light will rain onto us, as if stars are falling…

I do not feel well today
it was the song of mom and dad,
we would every night go for a moonlight stroll
“I do not like it anymore” mom says now
she says moonlight is of no value now once humankind stepped onto the moon
we would make wishes under the falling stars
as for now, not only I do not like it, it makes me creep
since humankind sends death with illumination, like mom’s calculations
while there are children who cannot tell falling stars from falling bombs

I am not the only crazy person in this family
my cousin brought star shaped ice molds
we will add stars to our raki tonight
children will cry in distant cities
women will be raped, bombs will fall onto them
I will hear their voices with the wind blowing within my head
“fill another glass” I will say to my cousin
I am about to lose my mind, what if the stars were going to fall….

(Raki is a traditional Turkish drink. Nihavent is a form of classical Turkish music.)

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