Monday, November 5, 2007


Most thinks everything depends on today's Bush- Erdogan talks. Some even thinks late 48 hours' developments as; Rice's visit to Ankara, Iraq government's new attempts on closing PKK supporter political party and orders on stopping logistic supplies or release of 8 kidnapped soldiers etc gives hope about Bush- Erdogan meeting and prevention of the military option.

Nothing seem that easy for a careful eye. I cant see anything new in Rice visit and Iraqi government may deceive only ignorant and already sided international camps. It is known that they are only trying to keep the appearance by closing some buildings, telling the militants to stay home for a time etc. If they are after the terrorists how come their leaders can still talk freely to international media or make their propaganda at Roj TV broadcasting from EU member countries?

Our people is certainly happy for 8 soldiers. Their lives are more important than anything else. But we are not innocent children to think these are "coincidence". Did you need to believe in coincidences in life or, be a medium or prophet to know they were going to release the soldiers healthy and just in time?

I thought "here again.." when I heard the name who begun to talk about the release of the soldiers in the name of the NGO Transparency International; the mysterious journalist, businessman, political adviser, good friend of Talabani and Barzani, great investor in Northern Iraq, billonaire and who knows what else Mr İlnur Cevik.

And guess who took the soldiers from the group (Iraqi administration State Minister Minister Karim Sincari, Interior Minister Mahmoud Osman and a 3 DTP - Turkish Kurd political party- deputies) and deliver to Turkish authorities; Commander of the Coalition Forces in Iraq; General Petraeus, "the hood general".

Mr Nice General Petreus brought 8 soldiers to Bamerni Airport which is under the control of Turkish Army himself. He was the main character of 2003 "Hood incident" which is regarded as the symbol of anti-Americanism in the country.

On July 4, 2003, around 100 heavily armed U.S. soldiers raided an office in Suleimania, used by the Turkish special forces, and took 11 Turkish soldiers, including three commanders, into custody and put hoods on their heads as any prisoners. As if he can belittle them.

Can it be a "coincidence" or sign of hope too? I don't think so. I don't think any of above could be perceived as signs of hope for public.

There is a saying in Turkish; "Fire burns where it falls". Fire fall on this country for a long time and world choose not to hear the pain. Choose to play with the sensitivities of these people. Now they are in a different state with the fire burning, not able to take or care any stupid politic tricks.

News says; now they are stapped by the army some PKK militants are trying to pass in Iran. And eight soldiers who were kidnapped and released are in interrogation at Ankara.

I was at the mountains for the last 2-3 days. It begun to snow as media reported Rice wished. I sat there in the thick fog and thought all the children, youngsters at the mountains. I couldn't reach any hope to hold, lost in the white blindness. I was not able to see them but I knew they were too many in the deep white.

It snow so heavy that white cover the bright red blood they shed in seconds, before eye can observe. Do you still wait the meeting of Mr Bush and Mr Erdogan? You better watch the snow and guess what lies under...

Storm is about to break...

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kathy turner said...

I LOVE the combination of global politics, and the politics of Turkyia, and poetry and beautiful images.
And I love your new story - lost in the white of snow - wonderful image. And YES "hope" mostly rests on ignorance! I'm really glad you are letting us know.