Monday, November 26, 2007


Yesterday it was Saudi Arabia, today Brazil and any corner of the world.

"Authorities in Brazil are investigating reports that a young woman was left in a police cell with some 20 men for a month and repeatedly sexually abused. The governor of the state of Para, where the reported case took place, has promised a full inquiry. Governor Ana Julia Carepa said the age of the woman, put variously at 15 and 20, was irrelevant as she should not have been jailed with male prisoners. Women's rights groups in Brazil say it is not an isolated case.

......Media reports suggested that the girl was placed in a police cell in the town of Abaetetuba on suspicion of theft. But human-rights groups say there is uncertainty about what offence the girl was accused of and she was not formally charged. They say that she was raped relentlessly and forced to have sex in order to obtain food. The girl's father has now alleged that he has been threatened by police who tried to force him to provide a birth certificate showing that the girl was 20 years of age - a document which he said did not exist."

Two rape cases from two sides of the world. Or two examples of absurdity, idiocy, cleverness? Which kind of of a logic would think people may be deceived by a reason like "mistake". Women organisations say there were at least 3 such "mistakes" in Brazil lately.

They think us stupid? Unfortunately we are not. The women, especially the women of countries like us are very clever and sensitive to what is happening to their kind around the world. (Plus a 15 year is a child yet)...


she was there for a long time
as she thinks nothing remains that she would not stand
they would find a new method….
they threw the body they took from electricity to a corner
she for a while stood unconscious at the place she had been thrown to
dirty hands striped the ragged cloths on her
pulling her arms and legs, dragged her toward the wall
and they pulled her upwards as a sheep to be slaughtered
her head felt down, her fingers trembled
and she stood motionless…
coming and going they checked her
held water on her to regain her consciousness
she thought her arms had pulled out of her shoulders
she could not feel a thing
between black outs
especially on her waist and kidneys they hit the club
the last one stitched to the hair on her genitals
her numb body woke up with an unbearable pain
she herself even astonished with how high his voice can get
while begging “please, sir, do not sir”
she understood she came to the end
she dissolved into the absence…

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