Tuesday, October 30, 2007


These are the latest words of the Prime Minister who will meet with President Bush in a few days.

Everybody is talking; Rice, Putin, Ahmenijad, Barzani, Talabani, old and new CIA analists and even Kremlin commentators.

Sceenes on TVs are not from Iraq but inside Turkey. One can think they are from a hot war and though it is hard to accept, it is a hot war on the way. They say people have to be ready for any consequences any minute.

Lights are raining as shooting stars from Cobra and Skorsky helicopters, F-16 jets at the twilight. Troops are every where. Clouds, fires are raising from mountains, valleys. Number of terrorist deaths are unknown. They are "unknown" for the news, dont even have a number.

I cant imagine how many villages are there under those shooting stars, how many children hiding their moms' arms with fear in those villages. I cant imagine what those 19-20 years old soldiers dream if they can have any sleep. And I cant imagine the worry of mothers whose sons, daughters trapped on those mountains.

It is easy to say "terrorists" and walk away. What about their feelings, their loved ones, their dreams? Do their dreams much different from the soldiers of the same age? Do they want to die any more than any youngster? Do those 50 or more years old warlords, terrorist leaders who dont have any other life left, have any conscience leading 15-16 years olds to death?

Eight kidnapped soldiers are still at the hands of terrorists. Goverment wanted cencorship over the media but High Court refused the request. There is nothing at the international media. People around the world is not aware of what going on as if nothing is happening.

Is it possible to think their goverments dont want them to know because they dont want their roles to be exposed? They all have blood on their hands as always? Sure they do.

While they are saying they are against an operation from Turkey, they are winking for hidden consent. Why would they care for our Kurds or our unity? We are just another market, another play ground.

If only our blind nationalists and deaf Kurds can understand!... If only we can take a breath together before cutting our own umbilical cord to death!..

Here is a little part of the latest report on where the arms are coming from. Thanks to the arm salers of the world....

Origins of 36,563 weapons captured by Turkish security officers from the PKK, giving their serial numbers, places of production and countries of origin as follows:

* The countries of origin for 4,500 of 11,297 Kalashnikov rifles could be fully identified using the data on them. Accordingly, the breakdown of their countries of origin is as follows: Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (71.6 percent), the People's Republic of China (14.7 percent), Hungary (3.6 percent), and Bulgaria (3.6 percent).

* Of 5,713 Kannas, BKC, Dragunov, Arbiki, G-3, M-16, G-1, Mavzer and weapons of other make, 959 were found to come from Russia and CIS (45.2 percent), the UK (13.2 percent) and the US (9.4 percent).

* Of 1,610 rocket launchers of various makes, 313 were identified to be Russian-made (85.3 percent), Iraqi-made (5.4 percent) and China-made (2.5 percent).

* Of 2,885 pistols of various makes, 2,208 were found to come from former Czechoslovakia (21.9 percent), Spain (20.2 percent) and Italy (19.8 percent).

* Since some of 11,568 land mines were destroyed on the spot, the countries of origin of only 8,015 land mines could be determined. The majority of them were Italian-made (60.6 percent) while 28.3 percent were Russian-made and 6.2 percent German-made.

* Of 3,490 hand grenades of various makes, 136 were found to come from Russia (72 percent), the US (19.8 percent) and Germany (8 percent).

* The A-4 and C-4 explosives used in terrorist attacks in cities were found to be

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