Saturday, October 27, 2007


"Why a chatter like me is in lack of words when so much is happening?..Because I am still in shock. I am witnessing the most dangerous thing, nationalism is invading people's mind at both sides. Thousands are walking with flags, shouting "Allah" as the other side is not Muslim or 15-16 years olds taken to protests from school, talking to TV cameras as "Turks will invade us" while the police try to prevent boys and girls come together. This is mass madness. I am feeling religion and nationalism as threat more than ever. I couldn't hide my tears when I watched the fear in the eyes of 14-15 year old Iraqi Kurdish school girl when she say; "no, no they will invade us". My heart cant deal with the Turkish soldiers' funerals any more too. I don't know what to think. I never felt such stupid in analyzing the events before. I don't believe any leaders once again. All they do is agitating people, society with false fears and sacrificing to economic benefits. I don't want my country to fall in the swamp of Middle East but they put people in such a rage that any little bombing or event may end deep there. Iraq ordered PKK to leave their lands but they are still talking to journalists from mountains, saying their actions will spread to the cities soon. Crazy world..."

This was the mail I shared with a group of friends last week. Mass madness is spreading out of control. Authorities including President had to warn the people and media about the danger of nationalist provocations. This is not a Turkish- Kurdish conflict but an intent to end terrorism. Time is passing fast without any solutions from politic attempts.

Some correspondents of international media gives such silly reports which can make local people laugh. All may be hard to understand and seem as any other conflict for strangers. Certainly all conflicts are vital for the participant people while only stories for others to watch from their TVs in their warm living rooms.

We didn't used the know or ever been curious about our neighbours' ethnicity or religious preferences in this country. It is not possible not to worry for where we are now. As usual we didn't come here ourselves but by the imperialist forces pulling the strings. I still hope not to end in war with all my optimism. But I also know optimism has no importance. All depends on what the "War Gods" wants, decides... or do we have the power to defeat those gods...

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