Sunday, October 28, 2007


All I can think lately is; how could we come to this point. Politicians, military experts, strategists, sociologists, journalists (they are expert on everything!), psychologists and every other have a view to voice. Their various views, voices heard for sure by people.

People is already in pain for years. I cant imagine mothers' pains who lost sons from both sides can differ. But life thought us so many things we cant imagine can be possible.

How many of us can see what is going on behind the reflections on the curtain they make us to watch? Let aside the bigger projects, plans; how many can question the role of illegal oil trade,US made weapons in the hands of terrorists, the presence of feudalism at the area.

Media is fueling nationalism to already disturbed society. There wasn't so many flags around even during the "Republic" demonstrations against the islamists before the last elections. Pain is dangerously turning to hatred in ordinary people's mind.

Our country suffered alot from nationalism in recent history. Terms may reflect different concepts according to how we perceive them. There is a very thin line between nationalism and fascism. Behind all unidentified murders of 70s-80s or mysterious mass events were the ones who called themselves as "nationalists" (but we called "fascists").

Unfortunately, raising to defend Kurdish people's rights couldn't keep PKK to become an ethnic- nationalist terror group too. Nationalism feed nationalism in years.

It is easy to say; "We should do our best to prevent any kind of war". It is not easy to do much if peoples' minds from both sides invaded by planned propaganda, if feudalism is fighting for presence hiding behind false human rights demands, if warlords can direct and profit from ignorance so easily, if we let them, if we don't have our say, if we don't differ the thin lines, if we...

Our people, regardless to their ethnicity don't deserve such a mysterious future. A future decided by imperialist hands and minds and their puppets years before... If only we can recognise the footsteps of fascism where ever, whom ever it comes from...

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