Sunday, October 28, 2007


In a Legend Of Omen

this is Gallipoli...
can't tell the history hiding under every stone
hundreds of thousands still lie buried
just under the earth under your feet
dig only a little, there lies a story
a soul from the time-changed late history...
that is Troya...
calling from the other side of the sea
with laments and tears of Helen
and going further, there lies mount Ida
Zeus reigned from its cloudy peaks
you can hear Homeros calling from Iliada
Aphrodite, promising the most beautiful to Paris
this is the Aegean coasts of Anatolia...
as a lace embroidered history...
civilizations born, reigned and ended
layers over layers, centuries after centuries
leaving behind their sayings, legends, myths
not only of endless loves but more of wars...

I am flying off slowly...
leaving the lands where I played as a child,
found the skeleton parts of dead soldiers
hundreds years old carved stone pieces...
where I learned first laments
the meaning of love, joy, pain and mercy...
what a long way I have to fly,
what a great land you are Anatolia!
I wonder how many know your name:
Anatolia, Anadolu, full of mothers
it suits you so incredibly...
not only those Godmothers, Goddesses
hiding in your unique past, depths
but also the mothers of our days.
are the mountains below their generous breasts?
rivers running coming from their tears?
how many tears are needed to make those lakes?...

is that Mesopotamia on the horizon...
being born from your heart
passing borders to reach the Middle East.
clouds are getting darker around me
wind is blowing harsh
mountains getting wilder below
reaching out as if to catch me
and take in the caves at their peaks.
there is a smell of rain in the air
I feel a storm is about to blow...
again legends are surrounding me
I don’t care if they are Taurus mountains,
Ararat or Nemrut below…
I don’t care if that can be Noah's Ark
the cave of Abraham or giant sculptures
legends, myths are all the same today...
clouds are carrying the winds of wars
rains are pouring with tears of mothers

dream voice chooses to talk: "this is Zap Water"
wild grey river is running from grey high mountains
reaching wildest grey sky, pregnant to wildest storms
this is my land, this is my home
from Aegean coasts to Mesopotamia
this is Anatolia...
legends covering all the elements
all the earth, sky, rivers and lives
where lives are fires…
this is the land living the legends of omens
where people devote their lives to legends, omens
mothers singing soft lullabies to unborn babies
flow those legends, omens from their eyes
these are the lands impossible for others to understand
our motherland worthy to sacrifice our lives…

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