Monday, October 29, 2007


Wars shot women and children first and worst. Higschools and universities didn't have graduates for years during National Independence War. Women and children fought with soldiers. We used to read their stories and see their photos. But we don't want to see similar images in 21st century.

Today's lost is; 4 martyred soldiers and 17 terrorist or in other words; 21 mothers and unknowns relatives shedding tears after their sons. All our people.

Iraq is voicing words overstepping the meaning of some terms, concepts. It is our people dying, our mothers crying whether they are Turkish or Kurdish. Unfortunately, countries founded on maps by other countries, people didn't won their independence by their own efforts cant understand the meaning of freedom, solidarity and brotherhood. They loose themselves in drunkenness of fake powers given by their invaders.

Great poet Nazim Hikmet says;

let's give the world to the children
at least for one day let the world learn friendship
children will get the world from our hands
they'll plant immortal trees...

And I call let's give them the happiness of celebrating independence but not let them even "play" with guns, don't let them live the pains of wars. May we never see guns, even as toys in the hands of children...

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