Saturday, December 1, 2007


Turkish Armed Forces is in northern Iraq.

Yesterday PM Erdoğan announced that the government has given full authority to the Turkish Armed Forces to conduct a cross-border operation in northern Iraq, fallowing the two days meeting of Supreme Military Council (YAŞ). It was meaning that the Turkish Armed Forces has the legal right to organise a cross-border military operation without further consultation with the government.

The Supreme Military Council (YAŞ) decisions released by Turkish Armed Forces web page was giving the signal of the operation as; "Turkish Armed Forces' Preparation Conditions for War has been discussed".

Operation begun with shelling from land and air strikes. News says 100 Special Forces (Purple Berets) soldiers carried the operation with success and turned back.

Though neither USA, nor Turkey accepted any shared intelligence logic knows who have the satellites to carry point operations.

It is cold and snowy in the area.

DTP's demonstrations at main cities of the area are all ending with less support compared to past and clashes with the police.

An important point is; Turkey's human rights organisations, NGO and unions, intellectuals released a common declaration against PKK, condemning the death threaths to Kurdish- Turkish civilians, intellectuals for the first time.

It is interesting that the Army is now fighting with guerrilla war tactics and "terrorists" who were called as "guerrillas" until now are staying naked in front of the eyes .

It is important that the Muslim and Christian villagers welcomed their kidnapped Priest dancing and singing with drums together.

This is an interesting land. Storms never end. People used to sit silent for long and suddenly shake up at the most unexpected time.

Turkey began the operation in Iraq at 3 pm today, only 4 hours before. And it is only the beginning of the storm.

Wish the mothers stay strong, children may have dreams and storm will never turn to a war.

Boys who will serve the new term at military left only 11 days at home. Mothers can't look in their sons' eyes, sons can't look in anyone's eyes other than themselves...

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