Sunday, December 16, 2007


I forgot the boys in the hurry of daily life. They sent to rather safer areas for now but who knows where they may be sent after training period.

Life is going on as any metropolises. Buildings, roads illuminated for the new year. Bars and entertainment centers are full as usual. I am not sure how come a group of people living on this lands can be so strange to the problems of the country.

Turkish Air Forces bombed northern Iraq mountains last night. Turkiye and Iran reached an agreement about PKK. A priest stabbed in Izmir. Some still sleep and wake up with football.

I was moaning with pain at my left side when I woke up and entered the internet. When I saw the breaking news about the bombing, I threw myself outside.

Unbelievably, all I was able to think was the smell of earth under bombs. As I took the smell of the rain with every breath I was feeling as my pain was healing. But it didn't took long to realize the real pain was not physical. A strange smell took the place of rain that I didn't want to breath anymore. I sat there in the cold and darkness listening unheard voices.

I don't want to talk about war today, I am still in pain...
it is after midnight
I am sleepless, in pain
the news is breaking
"our jets took off for bombing"
now pain is at my heart burning
I can't sooth it even with rain...

waves dancing under moonlight
moon is on Bosporus, on Tigris
youngsters awake to fight
children sleeping to unknown dreams
all Anatolia is in blues
I am not alone in my pains...

darkness is not so tight
my eyes are looking for stars
they are hidden as the fireflies
sorrow is in invasion again
hope is racing with losses
mind is resisting horror to gain...

it is after midnight
time is pregnant, impatient
children waking up from deep dreams
not to watch the stars nor fireflies
not to thunders but explosions
I am helpless to stop them learning pain...

it is after midnight
I am sleepless, in pain
why pain, why always with rain
you invade the nights, leave in vain
how will I keep hopes not to fade
"our jets just turned from a successful raid"...

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