Saturday, December 8, 2007


Last night TVs showed strange military vehicles as portable bridges on their way to border area. Everyday, more military commandos are joining the operations along the Turkish-Iraqi border.

Reporters says; fully equipped soldiers, in groups of 10- 20, searching caves, mountains, and anywhere authorities believe that PKK members might be hiding, while helicopters and fighter planes from the Turkish military are supporting the operation from the air. Turkiye is locating missiles to the border, Northern Iraq Kurdish authority is pulling the Peshmerge forces to south. A Kurdish authority offical said; only PKK and bears left on those lands a few days ago.

Yesterday, one interesting and funny news was from Peyamner News Agency. It didn't take part in Turkish news channels that PKK set terms for renouncing violence. The brief news article dated back to last week (3-Dec-07) was; " The separatist Turkey's Kurdistan's Workers Party (PKK) announced on Sunday conditions for renouncing violence and becoming part of the political process in Turkey. As a main condition, the PKK demanded Turkey's recognition of the Kurds' identity in its constitution and of their language as a native language along with Turkish in the country's Kurdish areas...The party also demanded an end to ethnic discrimination in Turkish laws and constitution against Kurds, granting them full political freedoms and the release of all PKK members in Turkish custody. Other conditions were the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Kurdish areas in southern Turkey and setting a time frame for PKK fighters to give up arms and be part of the democratic process."

It is really funny if they still think they may make demands. Certainly the funny part is not some of those democratic rights which should be given anyway but believing they can make any kind of demands. They don't understand even the government don't have any choices any more but act according to the people's general tendency.

And people is fed up, don't want terror any more. One other interesting news article of today is about Armenian Turkish master student of Bosporus University, Loran Özhakyan; he left his studies and decide to serve his military term in Turkish Army, protesting the terror. His father Nazaret Ozhakyan said; "My son will serve his military obligation as all the sons of this motherland and be a Mehmetcik. If needed we can fight and fall martyr at the fronts for this motherland."

When I said; "I am worrying alot, if things change for worse and we find ourselves in the middle of war" to a friend a few days ago, she laughed and replied; "I think we are already in war, don't we?"

World may not be aware yet, we may not want to voice it even to ourselves yet but we are really in war. Just not able to define this war.

Days are passing as seconds. This military term's places will be announced tomorrow at Turkish General Staff's web page. S, E and O are waiting nervously. They all ask if there is a way to learn before the announcement at internet. No way and no need. What would it differ if they learn a few hours before or later? Nothing...

I don't want to remember the day I learned F was sent to border, I don't want to think about the time I will learn where others will be send. I only know; where ever they send I will find a way to go as any other mother, as I did before...

I can walk over any bridges if needed, portable or not. May be it is all we need; not to burn but to walk over bridges...

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