Friday, December 21, 2007


More than 37,000 people have been killed in the Turkiye-PKK conflict since 1984. Nearly 200 were teachers.

PKK has targeted primary school teachers working in the village schools. PKK's efforts against these teachers started in the early nineties and continued on a recurrent basis.[

After armed PKK members abducted and killed 19 teachers in the autumn of 1994, Amnesty International's 1995 report on Turkey mentioned that "It appears that the Kurdish Workers' Party, PKK, is resuming its repugnant policy of murdering teachers in southeast Turkey".

It was not only teachers; doctors lost their lives trying to bring health, engineers trying to build roads, schools too.
According to Amnesty International, as of 1997, 124 teachers were killed by members of the PKK.

Number of murdered children is unknown. They didn't lost only their teachers, right of education but their lives too.
Governments, officials, death squads? They were there too...

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