Sunday, January 13, 2008

...SO WHAT!...

Operations fallowing the Diyarbakır massacre named after 'Melek' (Angel) who died at the bomb attack. Nine PKK members including the one who is responsible from the bomb attack have been arrested at the operation of Melek. Photos of Erdal Polat taken in Kandil and his testimonies arouse reaction between the people. Though Polat showed where he hid the bomb to be used for another attack in Silvan and another massacre prevented, he stated in his testimony that he has no regrets about the attack.

Another bomber who caught at the last minute with explosions enough to destroy Istanbul subway was also saying he has no regrets while he was taken to custody between policemen.

On the other hand two bombers surrendered themselves and one who surrendered some time ago set free the day before by the court. One who set free said, he decided not to carry the bombing when he saw the children playing at the area.

Not having regret being a murderer of innocents... is it an indicator of braveness, limit of belief, showing the rightness of one's cause, sign of misused lives and minds or what...

Let's have a look at the dead and the wounded; Melek who died and gave her name to the operation have a brother who went to mountains to join the PKK, arrested and stayed in jail for 6 months. Öznur Beyaztaş who is wounded and in hospital has a brother who arrested at 1990 because of his activities in the organisation and spent 6 years in jail. Another wounded Vedat Baran’s brother is a member of the organisation and at the mountains from 2000 to today. Other wounded student Süleyman Özdoğan’s brother also had been in jail for years for PKK.

How should we read these examples? How could one feel if h/ h little brother, sister bombed, murdered wounded by the organisation h/s believed, fight for? Can it be enough to read an apology from that organisation? Try to read the Kurdish news, webs, watch the opinions of Kurdish intellectuals etc.. They discussing enough between them, can't make any positive comments, know what to say too.

While murdering innocents at one side, at the other side they are trying to put a campaign for the terrorist leader as "Ocalan's health is our health". Here is what his lawyers say; "Gunes, who claims all Ocalan’s rights are being stripped from him, also said ‘during these cell punishments Mr. Ocalan does not have access to books, newspapers or radio. He is also not allowed familial visits. According to the law, cell punishments should be between 10 and 20 days. However, all of the cell punishments handed down to Mr. Ocalan are of a 20 day period, which means he is always subjected to the harshest possible punishment’."

Exalting the leader? He is able to write books, talk and give orders, make comments and all from the prison. What about all the others who are still in worst prisons for years? What about all other who stayed (some died) in prisons for years without any little human rights?

They very well khow the luxury of the conditions of Mr. Apo compared to any political detainees. But they don't care human life whether it is their followers in prisons, at mountains or innocent civilians. What is important for them is protecting organisation, themselves, the leading staff whatever it coasts.

Latest official reports gives thrilling facts on the living conditions of the members at mountains, how they are threatened, controlled, judged and executed. Though people tend not to believe all official reports, it is not hard for the people of this country to imagine what can be right or wrong in such reports.


I wonder why all those human rights organisations which volunteer to visit and give reports on the condition of Mr Apo etc don't visit the mountains and terrorist bases, civilians and prepare reports on them too.

Of course while questioning these, we should never forget the decades long oppression, cruelty of the military or non military administrations in this country (on the whole population). How we come to this point? It is not easy to describe, tell in another language than one's mother language. I am not able to tell in any language other than Turkish, as another can only tell in Kurdish.

I can't translate (and don't know if I have any right to translate) but here is a very striking example from Kurdish Rizgari news web, for Kurdish speakers in Turkish; "Oğlum Kürtçü, alevi, kominist olmiş! Olmiş.. Ne olmiş!?" (My son became a Kurd, Alevi, Communist! He became..So what!"

There tells the story of a little child beaten by the teacher because he couldn't speak Turkish enough, in a little Kurdish - Alevi village of Anatolia. One of the many stories of a father whose son beaten, grow up and fall into jails at his university years. A call of "enough" as hundreds of thousands of others echoed around this country.

This is the end we reached being a third world country from the beginning and thrown to one military coup to another for decades by the help of "their boys"!

When will we admit, say; We cant define "death" in any language any what!...

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