Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I received a mail from G only minutes after I wrote "One More to Unforgattables" about the Diyarbakır blast.

G was writing; "... My aim is definitely not to upset you, remind your pains. The Last messages of 17 young men executed during September 12 period are at today's Vatan newspaper. I wanted to inform you thinking you may be interested. With love and greetings. G"

I replied him; "Thank you very much G, it was in my mind too... Anyway, one can't feel upset or pains anymore, only sorrow..."

I was given the video of their last messages in this blog, putting the Diyarbakir blast as "one more to unforgettables" in our memories but disgusting and condemning the responsible; "We get used to these events. We wrote one more to our list of unforgettables. Child murderers can't take place beside the freedom fighters, at the list of honorables. We will not remember them as others...U was not able to talk when I called. His voice was shaking trying to describe the scene. We both murmured once more; "Damn fascims! Where ever it comes from!" It don't differ either if it come from state or from an ethnic group, ethnic nationalists. We know how and who to remember. Five of them executed at this month, January of an endless year... "

One more wounded teenager joined with the martyred yesterday. He was 17, an orphan who worked at constructions whole summer to gain money for the university prep school. When DTP member mayor of Diyarbakir went to visit the mother of the other 17 year old martyr she turned him back saying; "I don't accept your condolence or anything. Leave here!"

There are no photos at newspapers today but I am sure the face of the burned ten year old at hospital will haunt all. He was hardly breathing, eyes fixed to a kind of toy in his hand but in fact to emptiness and all face burned. Who can make these other than monsters? They lost the possibility to call themselves as freedom fighters once more.

23 years old PKK bomber caught yesterday too. PKK and it's propagandists were trying to confuse people's mind as usual. First they described the blast as a show of their power and later, when they saw the powerful reaction of people, they changed language.

HPG issued a statement which Even crows would laugh; "There is a possibility that the explosion in Amed Yenişehir on 3 January 2008, in which a military vehicle carrying lieutenants, including some pilots, was carried out by one of our units' own initiative. We have not received exact information about this operation yet."

There are some comments from their propagandists at the internet; "So the bombing was not carried out on the orders of PKK or with the approval of the leadership. PKK's investigation should find, as far as possible, which city guerrilla unit carried out the bombing and why. Was the unit compromised by the Ankara regime? Or were its members operating strictly out of anger over the US-Turkish bombing of South Kurdistan? We shall see."

A member named Bozan Tekin, apologised to the people of Diyarbakir and said that the attack on a Military vehicle was not centrally planned; “This action was not planned by our Movement. After our investigations it has become clear that a local autonomous group carried out the attack... The death of civilians is increasing our sorrow. Our Movement has never targeted civilians. Anyone who is part of our Movement and with our People, whether independent or not, has never targeted civilians. We want to convey our sadness at the loss of civilian life and apologise to our People."

Come on, are they kidding? Who do they think they are dancing with? Do they think the people of this country are stupid enough to fool by their criminal minds? All the logical people are against them.

At least they should listen Professor Baskın Oran who they supported during the elections. What he said when he visited DTP at the Parliament yesterday; “We are here to support you against Kurdish nationalism too… They put bombs killing children and say ‘We put it for the military bus.’”

The bomber already revealed everything. He, Erdal Polat said he is a member of PKK and trained at Kandil Mountain; "I was targeting a military bus carrying officers. I am sorry that students died in the attack." He caught after his fingerprints were matched to those on the explosive-laden car used in the attack and the banknotes used at buying the car two days before explosion. Police records showed that he was arrested in 2002 on charges of PKK membership and served five months in prison. He was still in Iraq prior to the bombing and crossed into Turkey to carry out the attack.

It is sure that Diyarbakır bombing will be in the “unforgattables” of our minds as Maraş, Çorum, Malatya, Bloody Mayday Massacres, as the bombings of Istanbul University, Anafartalar, Istanbul etc.. But it is also sure that the bomber will not take a honorable place but forgotten in the darkness…

G is right; we lived so many upsetting, painful events. We learned how to interpret the backstage of those events. We learned how to mourn or remember, get our lessons. Whatever PKK and it’s fascists says, however they try to make excuse; they are already sentenced in our minds.

Being sentenced in the minds of people has no similarity with being sentenced by any courts, official institutions or state. It should be remembered that it was not the government’s free will to decide bombing terrorist bases in northern Iraq but people’s pressure on being fed up.

Once you sentenced by the people will, there is no way to prove any rightfulness in your cause. They did’t kill, burned those children, teenager, soldiers but dig a larger hole for their own grave.

They know how to kill, they know how to teach children to kill children but do they know how to die as the ones in our “unforgetables” or at least as the children they train, create murderers and send to death?

No G, I don’t feel upset or pain anymore, only sorrow… sorrow…

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