Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Engin will not sail to open seas
Eren will not reach and fly with falcons
Rıdvan's courage will not test in battles
Melek will not dance in silks as angels
Ferhat will not pierce mountains
cruelty took lives, they are now fallen flowers..

how many fires
how many massacres
we witnessed in our own teens
how many we entrusted to our tears
how many times dark forces
demand our lives and dreams...

our youth was already gone
sacrifices were done all alone
at times you were not even borne
how many Engin, Eren, Melek, Rıdvan, Ferhat
this country lost, you may not know
yet not in the way evil made your fate blow...

a fireplace this country is
a graveyard of endless sins
hungry for our eyes' greens
blood flowing red from our veins
our souls leaving our bodies
with best songs at our lips...

don't think you are alone children
you have ageless brothers, sisters there
once caught in that treacherous fire
you are now ageless as they are
your names will be carved
faces engraved in minds with care...

children, you are not alone
we were lack of support
parents without power to ask our account
you are the children of a generation
witnessed devastation over devastation
who can't stay without getting even for your blood...

enemy is talented in change as everything else
new scorpions breed at the old lands
seduced by old fickles, past time traitors
new fascists breed betraying the old ideals
don't worry, they are sentenced in our judgements
they are stinging themselves in helpless attempts...

children sail to the seas, fly with falcons
test your skills, dance for hope in silks
in memory of fallen flowers pierce the mountains
a new generation is fallowing your footsteps
donated with unforgettable experiences
listening the tales from their grandparents...


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