Thursday, January 10, 2008


Those moments were full of deaths for the freedom of our country. Lived under the shadows of guns targeted on socialists, youngsters by nationalists, fascists, puppets of imperialism. Who could guess times will come and children will be the target of ethnic nationalists... We recorded so much in our souls and still recording...

Record The Moments

remember my soul; all the moments, everything lived
do not miss one, record them one by one
as sorrowful as the fall of an autumn leaf
as enthusiastic as the emotions a poem arouses
as deep as the ruin of a rape in unknown places
as fast and tranquil as the start and ending of a love…

record all the memories, do not ever forget…
forget the names, people, all gone down their own path
dive into the memories, let the faces be forgotten
dive into the feelings you felt
forget the names, the faces
it was your heart to tremble, your hands to burn
snowflakes melted on your cheeks
your tears were cooler than rains
assume the hope chest left from your grandma
keeps, protects all the memories
get them out at times, spread all around
sometimes under the sun, sometimes under the moon
say, you walked alone under the snowstorms, under the showers
you were alone with your wounds, in the loves like dervishes
my heart, keep what you lived like a treasury
leave the nonexisted people, names
you were the one to talk to winds, sending your regards on them
you were the one in conversations with flowers, trees, birds
you knew how the songs you sang ended
you knew the strength and beating of the waves you jumped in…

you are bounteous, you know
you were not beaten, you passed through many storms
leave the adjectives to the eternity, let them fly away...


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