Friday, January 4, 2008


Death toll from the bomb explosion in Diyarbakır yesterday rose to five, including three children. There are 110 wounded. News sources reports eight of the injured are in serious condition and the death toll could increase further.

The bomb targeted a service bus carrying the military personal and their children. The car filled with explosives parked in front of a university preparation school for high school students and set off by remote control.

Last week a suicide bomber caught with explosives enough to destroy Istanbul Subway at the last minute. Two others surrender themselves. Two other bomb cars stopped by police in Van and Bursa today.

Warplanes took off from an air base in Diyarbakır just minutes after the attack. State prosecutors granted security forces "unlimited search" powers for 16 days, enabling them to search homes, offices and vehicles in Diyarbakir, a city of 1 million people, without seeking prior permission.

Are these freedom fighters or child murderers? Is this guerrilla war for a right cause or mass murder of innocent civilians in pathetic disparate conditions of an ethnic fascist group?

Nearly 40 years passed after Carlos Marighella’s description of terrorism. Even the terrorist events carried 40 years back did’t target children. They are counted neither honorable nor revolutionaries in any context any more.

How some things can change so easy and some never; as a false leftist group became an ethnic nationalist with their pathetic leader in front of our eyes and real revolutionaries still same in our minds.

Is there anything else they teach the children they took to and rose at mountains more than to kill children, to kill civilians? Oh yes, pardon; there is also drug traffic, money laundering.

40 years changed so much. Change is the heart of dialectic materialism but it needs enough mind and logic to understand the world of 2008.

Some people and events always remain unforgettable. We are and will remember some with respect and some with disgust.

January is a sad month for Turkiye as all others. Our people shed so much tears at Januarys of 70s, 80s. So many murdered, many sentenced to death, many executed, uncountable left in tortures, prisons at this month along the years.

They were all for freedom but what was it we witnessed yesterday… dead and wounded children, fire swallowing cars and hopes, fathers thorn into pieces, daughters crying to reach their fathers...

It was not only a shame but also a sign of injustice, unfairness and loosing claim…. We get used to these events. We wrote one more to our list of unforgettables. Child murderers can't take place beside the freedom fighters, at the list of honorables. We will not remember them as others.

U was not able to talk when I called. His voice was shaking trying to describe the sceene. We both murmured once more; "Damn fascims! Where ever it comes from!" It don't differ either if it come from state or from an ethnic group, ethnic nationalists.

We know how and who to remember. Five of them executed at this month, January of an endless year...

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