Saturday, February 16, 2008


There are too many things to write; houses of Turks are still set on fire in Germany, Kurdish protestors burning Turkish flag clashed with police in nort-eastern city Sırnak, Putin's interesting announcement about the hypocracy of EU on Cyprus raise comments etc. But I don't want to write on any of them. We are under a heavy snow storm again. Snow...

why do you came so suddenly snow
why you never leave behind the winds
I suspect if you deliberately drag the storms
why do you hit so suddenly snow
you know how helpless
how weak I am, how hopeless
surrendering to your sudden raids
yielding to the soul’s deepest memories

they say you are all unique snowflakes
all unique while falling in millions
pulling out the saplings with the help of winds
breaking the branches of my trees uniting in your uniqueness
so tiny that my eyes can hardly distinguish
so light that my skin can hardly sense
still so powerful in dragging me to absence
so strong bringing all the buried out to existence…

why do you come so suddenly snow
I hate welcoming you unprepared
wooden bank is facing the evergreen pines
cherry tree already lost the last leaves
those hanging the brick wall are still green jasmines
there is still cognac in the bottle left from your last visits
coffee cup in hands, eyes fallowing the falling flakes
but still I am not prepared neither to you nor your usual winds

don’t you know everything in me is as unique as you snowflakes
all unique while I buried them in millions of different ways
I can’t pull those saplings as you can with the help of winds
I can’t break them any more than they already been in their uniqueness
so valuable every one of them that I can’t differ any more
so heavy that my soul can’t carry any more, soul is so sore
buried treasures in soul, mind fallowing the breaking storms
can it ever be possible not to care, to ignore…

why do you come so suddenly snow
why with hurtful winds, blizzards
why can’t you ever leave me alone….


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