Saturday, February 9, 2008


Turkish people is already victim of PTSD which refers, to the psychological response that can result when a person is exposed to an overwhelming event or series events, that are in many cases both life threatening and catastrophic.

These events don't include only "war", "natural disasters", "rape" or "physical violence" defined in medical sources which intensify their researches either on their homecoming soldiers or individual examples of ordinary citizens in imperialist societies.

Turkish people are not lucky enough to experience only flashbacks or nightmares about the events they lived but they are made to live the same events again and again physically; meaning "layers over layers of PTSD". Their experiences may turn all the scientific foundings upside-down.

They don't easily get startled any more. They often say that they feel "empty" or "dead inside" but it lasts only seconds, at most hours or few days conterary to the thesis. They bury another layer of PTSD inside and stand up to fight again.

Today we are facing another severe trauma.

- In our complete helplessness we are watching 411 treator deputies passing the bill for headscarf from the Parliament founded by bloodshed, by our great War of Independence.

- Individually and genderly I feel myself/ we ourselves in immediate danger but don't feel completely frozen and unable to escape.

- I / many friends I am talking to are reporting that they lose track of time and space and their capacity to use language is compromised. Psychologists explain this as a result, the brain loses its ability to process conscious memory. But still "confusion" can't take our minds over and any attempt to recall the sequence of events.

- We have persistent thoughts or nightmares about the event (but don't surrender our minds).

- We have the sensation of emptiness or “being numb” but an increadable power fallow filling in our veins.

- We perceive the world and especially our country as a dangerous and unsafe place to live but also have a great urge to fight making it safe for our children and grandchildren...

- And yes, most of us also reports chronic anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia or restless sleep, and poor concentration.

Can anybody help us? Did anybody ever helped us?


Having "traumatic life experiences", "traumatic life experience periods" again and again; we very well know that it is, it can only be "us", "ourselves" who can cope this time too.

Defination of "trauma" may change. The "trauma" we are in and the "life thereatining danger" we are facing is; "putting the Turkish women's mind in ugly, dirty, dark pieces of cloths".

That young woman with headscarf on TV last night; you who said; "I am not secular!"; can't you think that you owe even having the freedom to make that announcement to this Republic and it's rules?

Why is it a sin to show your hair? Because your hair may draw "men's mind" to sin? It is not your but the "men's" problem, don't you aware where the sin, dirt lies, made it's place...

Do you think it will stop with closing your hair? Do you think they will not change all the articles of the Constitution one by one? Oh..Sheria is great for them, why should they they give the same share of your father's inheritence to you, they are "men" and Sheria says "men's" share should be more...

You may be used to your husband's infidelity untill now. But there is a better way, Sheria can show that way out of sin. Your husband may have wives up to 4 after you instead of mistresess. Honorable men, they will not sin any more with mistreses and great for you because you will not be an "unhonorable" woman who close her eyes to infidelity anymore...

You poor women who want to close your head, think it is your "religious must or freedom" today; you may be in a fake joy now, you may be so happy with the new passed law today. What a pitty, didn't they played with your mind so many times to prevent it thinking enlightment but put in the darkness of invisible cells. It is not surprizing to withness it once more...

Those who think closing your heads as freedom may be feeling great, while we, the majority are in sadness (also for you). That 90 year old lady who throw away the "traditional" scarf from her head on the podium and let her pure white hair to the wind should be an example with her words; "My forehead is clean, white. Let my life be sacrificied to this motherland!"

Think again; "what are you celebrating?"...

Opening yourselves to so many new traumas, period of loosing all your rights... this time hidden in a piece of cloth?

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