Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Save an unfairly condemned life in Afghanistan....

Sayed Pervez Kambaksh...
He is a 23 university student living in Afghanistan.
His crime: Downloading a report on women's rights from the internet, and passing this report around to his friends.
His punishment: Death penalty, recently approved by court.
And so now, Kambas is waiting to be executed.

And we are protesting this situation. The whole world is rising up to join together and try to rescue Afghanistan from the archane Taliban regime. We have sent soldiers. In fact, Turkish generals have twice been in charge of defending Kabul.

The reason for Turkish military presence in Afghanistan is to support the United Nations and NATO calls to bring modern democracy into the nation to replace the Taliban regime. This is why Karzai became president of Afghanistan. In fact, even former Turkish Foreign Minister Hikmet Cetin served as NATO special representative there. But what events like this show is that the Taliban still maintains power here. Girls still can't go to school.

Women can't go out without burkas. And now, we see that a 23 year old student has been condemned to death for downloading a report on women's rights from the internet. It is difficult to comprehend. It is reminiscent of the "witch hunts" from the Middle Ages. And this is the point at which we raise our voices in protest. If defending women's rights brings about the death penalty in Afghanistan, then what are our soldiers doing there? And what are the United Nations and NATO doing there? The first newspaper to start up a campaign to rescue this 23 year old student was started by the British Independent newspaper. And we are joining in.

If we are able to stop this execution from occuring, we will have prevented a giant crime against humanity. If you would like to play a small role in this, please click on either the Turkish or English text below. The signed text will go to the Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Turkish military's General Staff headquarters, and the United Nations. So, saving a life is only one "click" away.....


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