Saturday, February 16, 2008


After seven victims (but 5 according to governor)the man who attact to the young women with nitric acid caught in immidiately, thanks to mobese cameras around streets. Two syringes found on the man. But the Governor is stil denying it was because of any ideological reasons. According to Anatolian News Agency;

"He dismissed reports that the students were attacked because they wore short skirts, noting that two of the civil servants were wearing pants when attacked.

He also said suggestions that the liquid used were nitric acid is false, adding that the investigation is continuing. “It is a liquid substance that gives a burning sensation and reddens the skin,” he said, adding that attacked individuals did not suffer from any other health problems.

Quoting one of the students, the Doğan news agency reported Thursday that a few people had first commented on the skirt one of the students was wearing as they were passing her in the street before she felt the burning sensation on the back of her legs."

What can we say; this is only the begining and are trying to be careful. This is the quickest arrest they made...

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